WELCOME to The Evangelical Orthodox (Old Catholic) Church in America

Have You Asked Yourself Any Of The Following Questions Lately:

  • Do you feel lost spiritually? Do you feel spiritually empty? Are you seeking to fulfill your spirituality in God?
  • Do you feel the need to learn how to pray, deeply, inwardly, unceasingly, to experience the Kingdom of God that dwells within you?
  • Do you find yourself seeking to establish a new spiritual and sacramental relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ?
  • Do you feel the inward hunger and need to find the Kingdom of God that dwells within you?
  • Are you in search of a spiritual, mystical and yes, “real” Sacramental relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ?
  • Do you find yourself searching for the mystical, yet very real worship experience, of the total reality, of our Lord Jesus Christ dwelling in the midst of each and every Eucharistic celebration?
  • Have you found yourself separated due to the circumstances of life, from the Sacramental and spiritual Life of the Church that you grew up in, or attended at one time?
  • Are you seeking, from deep within your heart, a prayer filled loving, healing and reconciling Eucharistic Community of Christians dedicated and committed to the Catholic and Apostolic Faith of the early Church?

In short, have you felt like giving up because there seemed no where to turn, no alternative to pursue in your spiritual quest for a truly Orthodox Catholic filled spiritual life within the Sacraments of the Church?


We, the clergy and the faithful of The Evangelical Orthodox (Old Catholic) Church in America, invite you to come and worship with us at one of our Eucharistic Communities to witness and experience for yourself the faith, worship and Catholic witness of the early Church. We are an Orthodox Catholic Jurisdiction. We are a small jurisdiction representing both Eastern and Western Catholic witness to the apostolic Church of our Lord, Savior and God Jesus Christ.