Laying of new carpet in

The Sanctuary

Santa came to


Annual Parish

Car Show

Construction of the

Youth Center

Parish activities of Grace Apostolic Church from 2005 through 2008.  More to come.

Our Lady of Grace

Built 1905

Our Lady of Grace


2006 Youth Lock-in

Father Allen during

Our Liturgy Mass

Women of Grace

Tea Party

Youth Group Swimming

At Parish Pool

2006 Episcopal Dinner

Bishop Perry Sills

2006 Christmas Bazaar

Year 2005-2009

Baptismal Sunday

Our Lady of Grace Church

in the Winter

Toni Webber &

The Mercy Road Band

Alfredo Muro in concert

at Grace Church

Photo Gallery

Sr. Gina Franklin

Taking Vows

Semi-eremetical Monk

Sr. Joan Swails

Taking Oblate Promises

New Risen Christ

Parish Sanctuary

Blessed Mother

Donated by

Most Rev. Perry Sills


New Parish Sign

Fr. Allen

Outdoor Mass

Father Martin

Bishop Perry

Father Allen

Benedictine Mass

Parish Camp Out

Our Lady of Grace Pro-Cathedral Parish

A Parish of The Evangelical Orthodox Old Catholic Church in America

The Diocese of Oregon & Missionary Dependencies