Women of Grace

Our Lady of Grace Pro-Cathedral Parish

A Parish of The Evangelical Orthodox Old Catholic Church in America

The Diocese of Oregon & Missionary Dependencies

The Women of Grace at Our Lady of Grace Pro-Cathedral Parish is a women’s auxiliary organization of the Church that assists in the support and mission of the whole Church.  Such duties of the Women of Grace consist of preparing meals for special events, operating Grace’s Hidden Treasures Gift Shop, cleaning and sewing altar linens, as well as assisting in the day-to-day cleaning and upkeep of the Sanctuary.


The Women of Grace also supports the needs of those less fortunate by providing services of food and clothing.  The Women of Grace hold monthly meetings, which are open to all women parishioners.







Women of Grace


Knights of St. Peter




Women of Grace annual Hat Tea Party

A Special Note from the Diocesan Bishop


Blessings in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ,


The Women of Grace  of Our Lady of Grace Pro-Cathedral Parish are very special women who always come through in time of need, not to mention, their wonderful support in the mission of the Church, such as preparing meals for our annual Episcopal Visit of our Archbishop and the Synod meetings, the extra cleaning and care of the Sanctuary, the preparation of events for our youth, and most of all, always making themselves available to support those who are in need, whether this be clothing or food in cases of emergencies. 


When called upon, the Women of Grace are always available to help.  The diverse talents of these women is a true blessing to this parish family.  These women work very hard in the support of the parish and take the mission of the Lord very seriously.


Thank you ladies, and may our Lord bless you richly in your work and mission of the Church.


Yours in Christ,


Most Reverend Allen W. Zaugg, B.S.M., Ph.D., S.T.D.

The Diocese of Oregon & Missionary Dependencies

For more information regarding the Women of Grace at Our Lady of Grace Pro-Cathedral Parish

Contact Sister Beverly Nadeau at  503-659-2828