Our Lady of Grace Pro-Cathedral Parish

A Parish of The Evangelical Orthodox Old Catholic Church in America

The Diocese of Oregon & Missionary Dependencies

Our Lady of Grace Pro-Cathedral Parish is an Orthodox Old Catholic Church, not associated with the Roman Catholic Church, that is under the jurisdiction of The Evangelical Orthodox (Old) Catholic Church in America and the Diocese of Oregon and Missionary Dependencies.

Our Lady of Grace Pro-Cathedral Parish is new in the sense that it has recently transitioned into the Orthodox Old Catholic Faith, but the Church in which we worship was built in 1905 by several families who settled in the Jennings Lodge, Milwaukie, Oregon region (a small suburb of Portland, Oregon).  The families of this time, before the construction of the present Church, met in the home of Sylvia Wilcox under the leadership of Doctors J. J. and Chloe Wiggins, Methodist Missionaries.

From that point on, as preparations were under way for construction of a new Church with land being donated by a Methodist Pastor the Reverend Frank Smith began to become a reality for many of these families of the time.  The Church at this time was a Congregationalist Church that went by the name Grace Community Congregational Church.  As time passed, the Church faithfully served families in the Jennings Lodge area until some rough times arose, which seriously caused the membership to decline.  The existing six original members at this time rented out the Church to the Church of God (Sycamore Ministries) until 2003 when the Pastor, the Reverend Frank Clore retired.  The Church was then left without a Pastor until a month later when Very Rev. Allen Zaugg was elected to serve as the Pastor of the Church.  The Church at this time was a small Community Church with only 12 members.  The name of the Church was then changed to reflect this community, going by the name Grace Community Church. 

By a vote of the Church Council in 2006, it was agreed that Grace Community Church would now become a parish of The Evangelical Orthodox (Old) Catholic Church, a part of the One Holy Orthodox, Catholic and Apostolic Church.  Pastor Allen has since then been ordained as a priest and still serves as Senior Pastor of the Church under the leadership of Most Rev. Perry R. (Joseph Benedict, OSB/BCSA) Sills.



As an Orthodox and Apostolic Church, we hold to the seven sacraments of the original Church, Baptism, Confirmation, Holy Eucharist, Sacrament of Reconciliation, Holy Orders, Marriage, and Holy Unction.  All sacraments and Holy Orders are valid.  Our Bishops have Apostolic Succession dating back to the original apostles.  To learn more of the Old Catholic faith read its history at www.evangelicalorthodoxcatholic.org.

Our faith has a rich and wonderful history.  To learn more or to speak with our Bishop or Pastor, please call us at (503) 659-2828, or come and worship with us to see for yourself and meet our wonderful faithful family.  We are small, but we are mighty in spirit and in love.

May our Lord bless you in the Name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.  Amen.